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Trans and nonbinary people exist, and they deserve respect, recognition, and support. As such, it's important to learn about them—but that learning should be fun and exciting, not boring or punitive!

I'm Stacy Fatemi (they/them), a real-life nonbinary trans person. I've been doing trans education since 2017 for organizations, students, government agencies, and any other group that happens to be in need of high-quality gender knowledge. Interested? Please take a look at the courses I offer—there's something for everyone!

Courses are currently offered in English and take place via webinar due to the ongoing pandemic. In-person courses in New Mexico will resume pending significant improvement in the overall conditions.

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My name's Stacy Fatemi, my pronouns are they/them, and I'm 24 years old. I’m from Albuquerque, I’m the child of immigrants, and I've been out since 2014.

I began doing trans education out of frustration with the lack of trans knowledge and sensitivity I see in all sorts of organizations in everyday life, from institutions like universities all the way to your average corner store. I got tired of having to explain and justify my existence to everyone, so I figured I'd try to make things better from the top down instead of from the bottom up.

I believe in leaving things a little nicer than how I found them, so I like to work behind the scenes with the places I present at to try to make lasting improvements for trans and nonbinary people. Whether it’s suggesting policy change or giving profession-specific advice, I do what I can to make sure that it’s never just a one-and-done training.

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Course offerings

In order to ensure relevance and engagement, all courses below are modified to suit the environment in which they will be delivered.

Not sure which one is right for your company, organization, or class? Email and we'll figure it out together!

TRANS101: Intro to Transness

In this introductory course, participants will be exposed to basic concepts: what gender is, who trans people are, and why it’s important to know about us.
(~1 hour)

TRANS178: Intro to Gender Outside the Binary

The gender binary of man and woman is a pervasive myth in Western society. We'll learn about what it means to be nonbinary, disprove common myths, and learn how to give nonbinary folks the respect they deserve.
(~1½ hours)

TRANS202: Topics in Transness

For groups that already have a basic knowledge of trans and nonbinary people. This workshop is what you want it to be! Every group has different needs, but possible topics can include trans-exclusionary ideology, dysphoria or lack thereof, legal issues, how to support those undergoing medical transition, and what can be done to alleviate trans and nonbinary struggles.
(~1½ hours)

TRANS234: Busting The Binary in the English Language

Recommended prerequisite: TRANS202 or 100-level course (TRANS101 or 178)

What if you already have a solid foundation of gender knowledge, but need a focus in language? This is the course for you! We'll pick apart the gendered conventions of the English we use today, and learn to use inclusive, respectful language for all kinds of situations. Additionally, participants will each receive a copy of Pronouns: What’s the Big Deal?, a 6-page booklet all about how to use and respect pronouns.
(~1½ hours)

TRANS265: Us vs. Transphobia

Recommended prerequisite: 100-level course (TRANS101 or 178)

The hatred of and discrimination towards trans and nonbinary people is a pervasive issue—not just in courtrooms and houses of congress, but in such familiar settings as gyms, classrooms, and offices. We'll learn the power we have as a collective to combat transphobia, how to protect trans folks in a variety of situations, and how even small choices can make a big difference in the safety and well-being of the trans community.
(~1½ hours)

TRANS300: Trans Culture and History

Prerequisite: 200-level course (TRANS202, 234, or 265)

Trans and nonbinary people have existed as long as gender has existed. We'll examine the struggle that's emerged in the last century, show how that conflict has impacted trans culture in the year 2021, and talk about the practices that have kept trans and nonbinary folks safe throughout.
(~2 hours)

TRANS340: Growing Up Trans

Prerequisite: 200-level course (TRANS202, 234, or 265)

Does "sudden onset gender dysphoria" really exist? Is there a racial aspect to coming out to your family? We'll explore the defining themes of a trans childhood, and how a lack of support and representation can lead to problems later on.
(~1½ hours)

TRANS350: Being Trans in the Workplace

Prerequisite: 200-level course (TRANS202, 234, or 265)

Did you know trans people are unemployed at three times the rate of cis people? In this training, we'll examine job discrimination, rethink what professionalism means, learn how to support trans coworkers and employees, and find out how diversity really does trickle down.
(~1½ hours)

Have an idea for another course? Maybe one that we can collaborate on?
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"Stacy's presentation on trans and nonbinary identities was eye-opening. They provided a safe space to learn and to participate in while also remaining friendly and professional. I thought the language used was easily accessible to anyone wanting to learn more and perfect for those people who may not fully understand trans and nonbinary identities. I left the presentation pondering ways I can be more inclusive and understanding! I can also say that I feel 110% more informed about this beautiful world we all live in, and motivated to learn even more about the trans and nonbinary community." ―Jared Mills

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The rates for these courses vary heavily based on the setting and number of participants; as such, I can't print any one price for any given course. Let me know about your group, company, or whatever audience it is you'd like me to present to, and we’ll settle on a fair price for the both of us!

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